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"My music career up to this point has been like an old Bentley running out of gas. Spurts of loud, serious progress mixed with stalling points. I have played music professionally for 20 years-the last 10 have been with the Double Bass. The Bentley finally found a trustworthy Gas station."

As a performer for the last 20 years, Dinah D has seen a lot of road, a lot of faces and a lot of backstage greenrooms. With one foot in the Blues/Swing genre the other in Soundscape/Folk/Bluegrass/Poetry/Experimental; she has been a busy gal. Her multi-award winning band, The Kerplunks has probably been the biggest BANG yet, taking Dinah D to the JUNO awards 3 times.

Some of the musicians Dinah D has worked with in the last few years include: Doug Cox, Salil Bhatt, John Boutte, Ramkumar Mishra, Ken Whiteley, Harry Manx, Kim Beggs, Valdy, The Be Good Tanyas, Gary Fjellgaard, Bob Bossin, The Kerplunks.... to name a few.

Dinah D has finally put together her all-star band "Dinah D’s Contraband Swingclub". Always fascinated by early 20th century swingband music, Dinah D finds herself emulating this style in her writing for the Swingclub. DD’s Contraband Swingclub has one scintillating album under their belts: Most Definitely Live.

Other projects keeping Dinah D busy are: soundscape composition to silent film, performance poetry + storytelling (accompanying herself on Upright Bass), and some very grand Community Collaboration Projects. All this complimenting her already established solo Vocal and Upright Bass career.

"Dinah D is a West Coast gem, a real rarity, whose presence, style, and sound will all stick in your head from the very first time you hear her. Dinah is not only a solid upright bass player—thumping out that low register downbeat almost effortlessly—she’s also a gifted singer; a seductive contra-alto with a wry sense of humour. Dinah’s skill as a performer is backed up by strong song-writing talent with roots that go deep—far back to the days of Viper jazz—and a sound that is steeped in the blues. If you get the chance to see Dinah perform, do not hesitate to make the gig!"
-James Booker, CHLY Radio Malaspina

2018 ...we are officially living in the future...

2018 is the future. If we are in the future, why does it feel like it is moving so slow in the current? This and other questions to be answered in the future, I can only assume....

The Kerplunks are releasing our Lullabies For Big Eyes album...a collection of soothing lullabies for people of all ages. Not your typical lullabies, Lullabies For Big Eyes will be welcome amongst every insomniac's sleepytime hits collection. It is by far the most beautiful album I have had the pleasure to work on, let alone write and produce...what a priviledge this whole process has been...from co-writing with Aaron Cadwaladr and Jocelyn Hallett of The Kerplunks, to co-writing with old friends, Corwin Fox and Marc Atkinson for the first time. Every session has been just gorgeous and the album promises to be an audio treat full of gentle soothing surprises, TBReleased in June 2018.

The Contraband Swingclub is stll rockin after 12 yrs and going strong...keeping those folks swingin' and partying!!!!! Recording is always in our sights so you never know, one of these years might be the one!
2018 ....neenewneenewnnnnenew


Here we are springing up and so much has happened this winter! Both The Contraband Swingclub and The Kerplunks have had a member shift and the change has resulted in renewed energy and verve for both bands!
2017 is a good year for rockin' the scene and enjoying new energy in the lucky am I?
See you at the festivals this summer time folks,
Dinah D

Leaves Fall ...Prime Time for Songwriting

This year has been amazing, so many great things to celebrate! Thanks to you for being along for the ride this year and really looking forward to some changes for 2017...recording, co-writes, commissions, and lots of shows! See you in 2017! Meantime, see you at the Sointula Winterfest on Nov 19th/20th...The Contraband Swingclub and The Kerplunks will be desx=cending on Malcolm Island for a great weekend of fun and frivolity...see you there!

2016, a year of great promise!

This year looks to be fun-filled and full of great goodies at home as well!
The Fun Farm on Gabriola island is growing like mad with this great spring weather.
The Kerplunks have a very full tour season
The Contraband Swingclub lots of fun shows this year, as well I have some great Solo shows upcoming(check the gigs listing page)

Looking forward to seeing you out there this summer!!


Happy 2015, everybody!

Wishing all of you a fabulous New year!

Gardens are growing and the spring has officially sprung....!

So many fair shows already this year, and a whole summer full of excitement...Prince Rupert, Vancover Island, PEI...have a great summer, all, and looking forward to seeing you out to a show. Support Live Music in your community!!

Tofino Food and Wine Fest

My annual spring sojourn to the far west coast! This is the most fabulous event, and we are thrilled to be asked to return annually! Check it out and see you there- tofinofoodandwinefestival

Happy New Year Again, Everybody!

2014 is just around the corner!
Lots on the calendar for The Contraband Swingclub, as well as The Kerplunks!
Cheers and thanks for supporting live music in your community,
Dinah D


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