Dinah D's Contraband Swingclub


Dinah D & The Contraband Swingclub are here, you can relax now, people!

This 6-piece band of smokin' musicians, contains 5 stellar vocalists, 3 horns, a deadly rhythm section, and loads of smiles for any audience who loves to dance. In 2006 Dinah D formed The Contraband Swingclub from her favorite Vancouver and Vancouver Island Musicians. The band has one album called Most Definitely Live ( Recorded live at the Queen's Hotel in 2008). They have made many appearances at discerning Canadian venues, festivals and public events and have shared stages with Ken Lavigne, Sue Medley, The Shuffle Demons, Phil Dwyer, David Gogo and many more.

Dinah D’s big Bass groove is influenced by the 3 Louis (Armstrong, Jordan, Prima) evoking the energy, feel and easiness of swing. Dinah D’s singing styles are unique yet reminiscent of all of her predecessors – smooth, accessible, and unique.

Dinah D’s Contraband Swingclub are : Dinah D- Upright Bass/Vox, Aaron Cadwaladr- Guitar/Vox, Pierre Komen- Sax/Vox, Nick LaRiviere- Trombone/Vox, Phil Wipper - Drumkit. The 6th band member is currently a rotating chair of exciting personas: Matt Carter on Saxophone, Tina Jones on Trumpet, Bonnie Northgraves on Trumpet, Myron Makepeace on Rhodes/Keys....depending on the date!


Swingclub current Line-up


 “Dinah D is a West Coast gem, a real rarity, whose presence, style, and sound will all stick in your head from the very first time you hear her. Dinah is not only a solid upright bass player—thumping out that low register downbeat almost effortlessly—she’s also a gifted singer; a seductive contra-alto with a wry sense of humor. Dinah’s skill as a performer is backed up by strong song-writing talent with roots that go deep—far back to the days of Viper jazz—and a sound that is steeped in the blues. If you get the chance to see Dinah perform, do not hesitate to make the gig!
-James Booker, Radio Malaspina, Nanaimo BC

 “Dinah D plays her upright bass as though she’s on the road to avoid getting caught for stealing it. Her bluesy ‘it’s no big deal’ voice flows effortlessly. ...And she can color even the newest rooms with visions of a smoldering cigarette in 1923
-Archie Paitmen, Paperbag Press, Vancouver BC


Each band member brings something unique to The Contraband Swingclub's sound


Dinah D's Contraband Swingclub's musicians are gathered from nooks and crannies around Vancouver and Vancouver Island, Canada. Five of the Swingclub members are excellent singers- this combined with Dinah D's songwriting makes a really hot live band with 5 front people!

Aaron Cadwaladr - Guitar
Aaron brings a solid guitar rhythm and sensibility to The Swingclub. He is an accomplished singer/songwriter-with an EP and full length album that are both stellar.
Matt Carter - Tenor/Bari Saxphones
Matt is loved for his sax skills but also for his freestyle rapping and positive stage presence. Matt is also a sportscaster ad beer blogger.
Pierre Komen - Tenor/Bari Saxophone
Pierre is a smokin' sax player. Member of Johnny Inappropriate, Pierre's energy and sax solo skills are unbeatable! Blow Johnnny!
Nick La Riviere - Trombone
Nick is one heck of a Bone player- bringing humour and great tone to the Swingclub. Nick has several projects he works in, all of which are bolstered by his fabulous trombone skills.
Phil Wipper- Drums
Phil is Vancouver Island's most sought after drummer. His style and drive are key to the Swingclub's propulsion - especially if there's a full dancefloor!
Dinah D- Upright Bass/Vocals
Dinah fronts the Swingclub with her swingin' singing style and steady upright bass groove. She also writes the band's original material.



Nostalgia corner:

Original Lineup circa 2008

From Left: Matt Carter~ tenor/bari sax and Dave St.Jean~ trombone, Dinah D, Tina Jones~ trumpet, Phil Wipper and Aaron Cadwaladr

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